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Even More Dragon Age II Pre-Order Goodies

dragonage2.jpgIf you pre-ordered Dragon Age II before yesterday, you were able to upgrade your game to the fancy signature edition that includes the Exiled Prince DLC giving your game an dashing extra party member. If you missed out on that offer and still want something special, don't fret! Bioware and EA really want you to buy new copies of Dragon Age II so much that they're offering another set of free DLC goodies for those still thinking of pre-ordering the game.

Anyone that pre-orders the game at selected retailers before its release date of March 8th will receive the Fadeshear blade, a sword that does more damage to undead creatures; and the Shield of Orlais, a legendary shield with two rune slots that adds health and experience bonuses. Everyone who buys a new copy of the game, regardless of pre-ordering it or not, will also get access to the Black Emporium, a shop in the game that offers powerful items and equipment. There you can purchase a Mabari war hound to join you in your quest, a Mirror of Transformation to change your appearance, and other rare items.

Find out more about the DLC items after the jump.

Fadeshear Sword: The core of this blade is old. As old as the first smiths who sought a way to battle the nightmares from the land beyond. It has fought the demonic hosts in countless battles. Sometimes it has been held high in triumphant victory. Other times, it has lain broken besides its dying owner. But after every defeat it has always been reclaimed, reforged, and made stronger. Fadeshear has passed through many hands before yours. Now it is your turn to make the demons of the Fade pay for crossing the Veil into the waking world.
  • Improves with each level-up
  • additional damage vs. demons and undead

Lion of Orlais Shield: At the height of the Summer War all of Orlais was embroiled in fierce battles. Over the course of the war dozens of contenders for the Imperial Throne emerged - most long forgotten except as footnotes in scholarly tomes. But everyone remembers the gallant young lord Emile Deveraux, "The Golden Prince". Thought outnumbered at every turn, he racked victory upon victory culminating in the Seventh Battle of Roses. While wearing this shield he broke through his uncle's vanguard to win the day. He never knew the taste of defeat, instead meeting his end at the hands of a jealous lover in the dead of night.

  • 2 rune slots

  • Adds to health

  • Adds to % XP gain

Those who already pre-ordered the game before today's announcement can rest assured since they'll be getting all this extra stuff too. It truly is a win-win situation for everyone...except maybe gamers who like to buy used games.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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