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Final Fantasy Agito XIII To Get Another Proper Trailer Jan. 27th?

fftype01293722277.jpegAs gogoedward noted in an earlier post, Final Fantasy Agito XIII (now named "Type-0") popped its head out recently at a press event in Tokyo, unveiling a new trailer that for the first time showcased some gameplay. The trailer is (technically) out on youtube, but is expected to make a proper debut on Jan. 27th. I've seen it, and while it certainly wet my appetite for new Final Fantasy goodness, it's of shoddy quality, so you would be better off waiting for Square Enix to give it a proper release.

The gameplay echos that of Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core, once again tossing aside the turn-based combat system in favor of a more action-RPG approach. Few other specifics are available, but according to Eurogamer, Type-0 will ship on two UMDs. I for one am tickled by the idea, since i'm of the stripe that salivates at the thought of a preposterously long Final Fantasy title (let a boy dream), especially on the PSP. Crisis Core was certainly no slouch, but i couldn't help feeling that i wanted more, despite the extraordinary number of extra missions. Here's to hoping for the best!

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