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GarageGames Still Kicking


GarageGames, the company supporting the Torque development platform, are back in business! After the November 11th dissolving the company, reports that Graham Software Developments has bought the license to the Torque software.

This may not mean a lot to the gamers out there, but Torque was used at one time to make Tribes, and more recently the first Penny Arcade game was made in Torque as well. User friendly engines like Unity are making a rise, and just before GarageGames went under EA signed a massive deal to produce games using the Unity environment.

The choice of what engine to use is very important to game design, with support engines like Torque can improve but it'll be hard to catch up to a rising powerhouse like Unity Technologies. Me? I'll stick to the Aurora Toolset in Neverwinter Nights 2.

The Rebirth of GarageGames [via GamePolitics]

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