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GayGamer Holiday Week In Review - 12/27/2010

  • Digital Lit reviewed iPhone virtual "pet" sim Mini Gay Boyfriend.

  • Pokemon Black / White got a North American release date of March 6.

  • When faced with a gaming choice, Wootini asked how you choose what to play first?

  • NaviFairy reviewed Dead Rising Mobile, which didn't exactly live up to the series console outings.

  • VorpalBunny took a look back at the first couple Oddworld games.

  • In his review of Raskulls, which snuck out on XBLA over the holidays, NaviFairy said they must have been "saving the best for last."

  • Wootini was a special guest on the gay themed game podcast Cartridge Blowers.

  • Whatever secular alternative to Christmas they celebrate in Nintendo games came to Animal Crossing in this week's diary.

  • Tiny Dancer wished our readers a happy new year and put out a call for new writers.

[Image via: Toothpaste for Dinner]

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