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Helghast Troops Lay Siege To Playstation Home

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In a move that is sure to be met with resounding jubilee from some corners, "WTF?" from others, and absolute indifference from everyone else, Playstation Home's Central Plaza will be getting a bit of a facelift as the familiar tapestry of lovely is replaced by a war-torn battlefield that positively screams "despair." As one might expect, Sony has chosen this rather peculiar course of action to promote Killzone 3, which is just under a month away from release. It's not all aesthetics, however; users can play Central Plaza Defender, which Sony describes as "a first-person shooter that pits you against wave after wave of Helghast forces. Fire at the approaching enemy forces, shooting down Helghast airships, ground vehicles, and infantry units or assist gunners by collecting and delivering ammunition, repair kits, and first aid. Complete challenges to be granted exclusive PlayStation Home rewards. Furthermore, completing all three levels will grant you three Unlock Points, which can be redeemed for new weapons and abilities in Killzone 3 multiplayer."

Users can also pre-order Killzone 3 from an Amazon kiosk located conveniently within the smoldering hellscape that once was Central Plaza. To sweeten the deal, Sony is offering those who do so a limited-edition jetpack for your avatar, three unlock points for Killzone 3 multiplayer, and the Retro Map Pack. However, i would be remiss in my journalistic duty not to mention that every pre-order deal i've seen includes the Retro Map Pack, and some other retailers are offering multiplayer goodies instead of bonus unlock points. So hop on Home this Thursday and check out all the fun and frivolity, and snatch up a copy of Killzone 3 if you feel so inclined. Your mean-spirited friends may cry "loser," but let me ask you this: Would a loser be hovering around the streets of Playstation Home in a jetpack?

Didn't think so.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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