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Ilomilo Contest Winner

ilomilo contest winner.png

Wow, we had some amazing entries in our Ilomilo contest. Thank you to everyone who entered, I wish I had games to give away to all of you. But alas, I only have one copy of Ilomilo to give away, and that winner is...*drumroll*...


Congratulations HumBEARto, you won a copy of Ilomilo for XBLA! It wasn't easy picking a winner, so difficult in fact that I had to use the tried and true random selection machine. But I think it turned out for the best, as HumBEARto's entry rang true with Ilomilo's theme of friendship.

When I moved away for college, my best friend and I were immediately 500 miles apart. Keeping in touch with my friend - straight - was becoming more difficult, especially as I started playing games less and less (I went from a hardcore gamer to a casual one) and we had less things to chat about online. Eventually we synced back up on systems after I got an Xbox, allowing us to play online together. Soon enough we were playing games together but there was one that we could always and still return to for a quick - or long - session of strategy and banter: Catan.

Based on the original, in-life board game of strategy and wit, it was the perfect game for us. We could play over Xbox Live and it tickled our usual taste for evil and cunning used upon each other playfully. At times it would become a heated battled against each other, others an epic struggle against Alexander the Great or Queen Elizabeth.

Catan will never be deleted.

Thank you again to everyone who entered, and look forward to more contests down the road from GayGamer.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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