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L.A. Noire Gets A Release Date, New Trailer Monday


Some scoundrel with his finger on the upload button managed to leak the newest trailer for L.A. Noire a bit early. RockStar was planning on pulling off the curtain Monday, but now someone's weekend is ruined as they rush around the internet with their ceases and desists, praying that you don't watch 90 seconds of their digital puppetry a few hours before they decided you should. It's still around, if you look hard enough (hint: try checking somewhere besides youtube), but since the videos keep getting pulled I'm not going to bother with an embed today. No spoilers, not that video is too revealing, but I will say it's piqued my interest - I'm definitely more excited about this one than I ever was about Red Dead Redemption or Grand Theft Auto, particularly if they manage to make this feel like a real detective adventure, and not just a sandbox action game with clues stuck in.

One thing the trailer did reveal was a release date: May 17th. Not a big surprise - that puts it out around the same time as the last couple of RockStar games, and that's seemed to work out OK for them so far. Still, after more than half a decade of development I'm sure it's nice to finally be able to throw down a date, and now you can mark your calendars and put down a preorder for either the Xbox 360 or PS3 version if you're so inclined.

[via: Joystiq]


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