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Metal Gear Artist Yoji Shinkawa Opens Up An Art Gallery

yojtitle.jpgMetal Gear Solid artist Yoji Shinkawa kicked off the opening day of his two week gallery exhibit held in the Konami Style Shop in Tokyo Midtown on Saturday. His exhibition entitled "The Art of Yoji Shinkawa," features many of his past works including drawings, 3D models, and art cels of mostly the Metal Gear series but also of his other lesser known works including Zone of the Enders Zoe and of Godzilla Final Wars, one of the two films he worked in.

The opening show featured a live art exhibition and other notable goodies for Metal Gear fans. Shinkawa's original plan was to do a small-scale drawing, but because of the surprisingly large size of the crowd, he was forced to do a large-scale demonstration instead. Using one brush, Shinkawa quickly painted a portrait of Solid Snake in about 20 minutes despite not being used to such large-scale paintings. Following the demo, Shinkawa signed autographs and distributed Metal Gear related swag and calendars to the first 1,2000 lucky fans.

The Art of Yoji Shinkawa is set to run from January 15 through January 30. If you're a Metal Gear fan and will be in Tokyo during that time, do yourself a favor and visit Konami Style. You might have missed the opening show, but you can still get your hands on some nice merchandise. But, remember, no touching!

yoj2.jpg yoj3.jpg yoj1.jpg yoj4.jpg

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