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Minecraft Beta 1.2 Goes Live


Minecraft creator Notch reported on his blog earlier today that the wildly popular indy game has upgraded to Beta v1.2, bringing with it a whole raft of new content that should please its legions of devotees. Though he was coy in his post about some of the new content and upgrades, Minecraft fans have wasted no time exploring the new additions.

Included in the update are the first water-based animal, squid, which drop ink sacks that you can use to dye wool, as well as musical blocks, spiders that can climb walls, and lapis lazuli.

While not all of the updates sound like major changes on the surface, many will have enormous effects on the game. The addition of squid feels like the first step to opening up water as a biome of its own, and maybe even new enemies...? Giving spiders the ability to scale walls will send shivers down the spine of many castle builders. This means that many previously impregnable fortresses, towers and platforms are now vulnerable to attack. And note blocks will open up a whole new dimension of creativity for musical miners - I can already see the YouTube videos of eager gamers' favourite tunes recreated by big square blocks...Don't Stop Believin', anyone?

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