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Monster Hunter Gets Even More Crossovers - Street Fighter IV

monhanSSFIV.jpgIn a move that by now is becoming old hat, fans of Monster Hunter in Japan can find themselves playing as their favorite characters from another game. Is it Solid Snake? Nope, already been done. Is it Chuck Greene? Nah--too messy. This time Capcom is crossing up another one of their franchises by allowing players of the Japan-only Monster Hunter Frontier to look like MonHan-ified versions of Ryu and Chun-Li from Street Fighter IV!

While crossovers are often fun news for fans, Frontier is an MMO for both PC and Xbox 360 which, so far, hasn't seen any indication of support over in the West. Even worse for its chances is the fact that Capcom passed up on charging Wii owners a monthly fee to play online in Monster Hunter Tri~, because the game's Western following wouldn't be enough to outweigh the unpopularity of charging for a console game. Another bothersome fact is that, when creating one's character in Monster Hunter, the choice of male or female hunter is a permanent one. So if you originally went for the buff, scale-clad hunter enjoy never playing as Chun-Li!

Despite these setbacks, if you're able to play Monster Hunter: Frontier, then by all means look up the Promo site and feel free to Shoryuken the "Super IV" premium outfits into your account with 1000 yen or 660 Microsoft Points!

[via: andriasang]

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