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New Silent Hill Comes Out As 'Downpour'

silenthilldp.jpgFor some gamers, there's always a certain chill down the spine upon remembering their first Silent Hill experience. For folks playing this year's title, that may be either the atmosphere , or it may just be the weather. Game Informer has revealed that the upcoming horror title will be called Silent Hill: Downpour.

This and some choice screenshots reveal as much about the new title as any of us know, which is that it's going to change the look of the sleepy town of Silent Hill to an even more dark and dank one. Producer Tomm Hulett promises that--even though the look of the game has changed, he's dedicated to making sure it stays "true to the themes and spirit of the series."

Hulett was also the producer on the well-received Shattered Memories, but the developers under him are new to the company. Vatra Games is a newly-formed studio out of the Czech Republic, and it includes some names transferred over from 2K Czech, who recently shipped Mafia II and a host of FPS games before that.

So while Silent Hill may be once again switching teams and globe-hopping, it will now be in the care of some old hands at this whole game-making thing. Vatra Games heads also did some talking about the horror genre and how to convey evil at the recent Game Access summit in Brno.

More details will have to wait for the first proper preview, which will be in Game Informer's February issue in the coming days!

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