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Nintendo's Tweet and Win Dragon Quest VI Contest

yuji.jpgOrginally released in 1995 for Japan's Super Famicom, Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation finally hits US shores in a couple of weeks just in time for Valentine's Day. To pump up its fans, Nintendo today announced a trivia contest that they will be conducting via twitter.

A series of questions about the game will be posted throughout the week inviting fans and followers to submit their questions to Nintendo's twitter account @NintendoAmerica. There will be three rounds of questions with each round offering up some nice prizes. 100 first round winners can score a free T-shirt, four second round winners can win a copy of Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation, and the winner of Round 3 will win a trip for two to San Francisco to meet Dragon Quest creator Yuji Horii. Official rules can be found here.

The winners of each round will be eligible to advance to the next round, so the first 100 winners can move onto Round 2, and the four winners of Round 2 will be finalists in Round 3. Be sure to stay tuned to Nintendo's twitter page for your chance to meet the creator of all those Slimes and decades of Dragon Quest games.


Kite said:

In 1995, Enix America closed, throwing plans for an English release of Dragon Quest VI into doubt. "I may not live long enough to see Dragon Quest VI," wrote one fan. She wasn't exaggerating. She was 76 at the time.

After 15 years, Dragon Quest VI will get an English localization on Feb. 14, but it came about six weeks too late for Edith Jeter of Puyallup, Wash. A 1996 edition of Nintendo Power discussing Enix America's closure featured Jeter's letter. "I'm now 76 years old. I may not live long enough to see Dragon Quest VI unless someone takes action soon," she wrote.

Urban Champion-e, a forum member at Racketboy, ran across the issue and letter recently and wondered what became of Mrs. Jeter. After a Google search, he discovered she died peacefully at her home on Jan. 3. She was 91. She is survived by two children, and numerous grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and great-great grandchildren.

"Edith enjoyed reading, playing video games, and was an author of a family genealogy book that she proudly distributed to her family," says her obituary.

The obituary's guest book contains this tribute.

Your letter in Nintendo Power Volume 82 was the first thing I thought of when I heard DQ6 was finally coming to America. I never knew you, but you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

This made me sad. I'm gonna buy this game and if I can rename the characters I'm naming one Edith.

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Kite on Nintendo's Tweet and Win Dragon Quest VI Contest: In 1995, Enix America closed, throwing plans for an English release of Dragon Quest VI into doubt. "I may not...

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