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Review: Inception

Inception 1.PNGDuring the holidays I stumbled across an odd little app on the App Store inspired by the film Inception. I tend to avoid film tie-ins as they tend to be, well, crap. Not always, but enough of the time. This app, cleverly titled Inception - The App, had a strong rating of 4.5 stars from 366 users, and the price was right at free dollars and zero cents, so I figured I'd take a low-risk risk. Click the jump to read my review of the dreamscapes.

Inception - The App is one of those titles that stretches the definition of "game", which is something I'm fine with, quite frankly. Sticking with convention would've meant that the game would've been a puzzler or shooter or even a platformer, possibly inspired by Doodle Jump. You play the game by unlocking different "dreams" by using the app in different locales. The app uses the iPhone GPS and mic to determine if you're in the proper environment to unlock a dream. For example, the only way to unlock one is to use the app while moving quickly from one place to the next, such as via car or bus. Another is only unlocked if you're still and in a quiet place. The ultimate goal, such as it is, is to unlock all of the dreams.

The dreams themselves are variations on soundtracks from the film, designed to be played in an infinite loop if you want. To keep it from being just a soundtrack sampler, the app activates the mic and constantly samples ambient noises it hears and then tweaks them with effects and mixes them into the music. Different dreams work with sounds in different ways, so it's not just a standard echo effect or anything. The result is a strange sort of soundtrack for your life.

The only real drawbacks for the game are that some of the requirements to unlock some dreams are a bit vague ("Travel to Africa"? Really?), and since the app makes constant use of the mic and GPS it's a major power hog. Make sure you've got a full battery, 'cuz it's gonna get drained fast.

Again, this is a non-game kind of game, almost more of a toy really, but it's fun to play with nonetheless. Go ahead and give it a go. It's a neat little program and it's free, so what's to lose?

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Klarth said:

It doesn't sound like it would work well with an iTouch, then. Too bad....

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Klarth on Review: Inception: It doesn't sound like it would work well with an iTouch, then. Too bad.......

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