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Review: Treasure Seekers: The Enchanted Canvases


Following their hunt for treasure in Treasure Seekers: Visions of Gold, Nelly and her brother Tom return on yet another adventure. This time, Nelly is in search of her missing brother and has to enter mysterious paintings to find clues to his whereabouts. Like its prequel, G5 Entertainment's Treasure Hunters II: The Enchanted Canvases for the iPhone and iPad is an object-finding game that provides you with intricate puzzles, beautifully rendered graphics, and a relaxing gaming experience. You'll have to keep your eyes open to find objects hidden in various settings and you'll have to keep your wits sharp to solve many intricate puzzles that will help Nelly reunite with her brother.


Each level you encounter will require you to find objects hidden in your surroundings and drag them to the appropriate key object that opens up the way forward. You can touch the screen to look around and pinch it to zoom in and out. When you click on a key object, you'll see a list of ingredient objects you'll need to complete it. For example, in one location you'll have to find chess pieces hidden throughout a room and drag them to a chessboard to uncover a hidden switch. When solved or assembled, some items will also be placed into Nelly's bag which you can take to other locations to use with other objects. The game encourages a lot more exploration than its prequel as some objects won't simply belong in the room in which you've found them.


One of my favorite parts about Enchanted Canvases is the puzzles, mostly because they're a good distraction from the repetitive object-finding, but also because they're unique and fun to solve. After solving certain objects, you'll sometimes have to solve short puzzles to either uncover another object or to open doors or switches. These come in the form of shape puzzles, logic games, and jigsaw puzzles. Most of these are simple, but some do require thinking. You can also choose to skip these puzzles altogether, but if you do, you'll be missing out on a fun experience.

Compared to Treasure Seekers, the object-finding portion of Enchanted Canvases is a bit more difficult and not as boring. In fact, while in the first game I preferred the logic puzzles over the object-finding portions of the game, its sequel provides a better blend of the two. The object-finding is a bit more complicated since some items will belong in other rooms and are more cleverly hidden among the scenery. That's not to say the game is more difficult. If you find yourself stuck looking for certain items, you can always use the hint button to show you the location of an object. This hint meter slowly fills up over time so you can use it multiple times.


Like its prequel, the game's presentation is excellent. While the game doesn't have full-motion animation, the characters are detailed and their facial expressions give life to their still images. The different environments Nelly travels to, however, are very alive and change as you gather more items and solve their puzzles. The meticulous detail that went into these locations is very impressive since every item that is laying around has its own distinct features. The game's sounds also help these environments come alive with great background noise and music that plays during scene transitions.


Treasure Seekers: The Enchanted Canvases is a great casual game for anyone that like puzzles. It will constantly have you looking around for objects, and while this may get repetitive, the puzzles and locations will keep the game fresh and worth playing. My only qualm is that the story isn't as fluid as it was in the first game nor is it as long. That seamless flow that exists in Treasure Seekers is missing. This aside, Treasure Seekers: The Enchanted Canvases is another great game by G5 Entertainment worth checking out.

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