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Riot Nrrd

Oh Wren. I'll play Smash Bros. with you!

What occurs when one mixes web comics, gender queer identities, a full LGBT spectrum, and many other not-as-often looked at persons in gaming? Why yes, you get Riot Nrrd. What, more precisely, is Riot Nrrd? As the creator's about page states:

This is a webcomic is about being a nerd. Unlike many other comics and webcomics about being a nerd, this is a webcomic about being LGBT nerds, female nerds, nerds of color, disabled nerds, and other kinds of nerds that don't get as much love. This is a webcomic about being a nerd who's constantly facing down sexism, racism, homophobia, classism, ableism, fatphobia, and other phobias and -isms from their nerdery of choice. This webcomic was made by a frustrated nerd about frustrated nerds making comics.

The above panel is from a strip about attending a Drag Ball, and Wren, one of the main protagonists (arguably the main protagonist), is not really into it--preferring her Smash Bros. to dance functions. The core cast is comprised of Wren, a rather androgynous-looking video game loving nerd; Maria, a black trans woman who likes comics and blogging; and Sam, a fantasy loving femme. They are all Whedon-ites, freshly entered into college, and navigating the waters of such while working on their own comic.

Anyway, the comic is right here. Also, there are some buttons RJ has made, which includes a pink triangle Triforce.


Thank you for giving me Webcomic number 159 to Add to my list.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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