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Rumor: PS3 Getting Online "Cloud" Saves


Although Sony's currently mum, Kotaku talked to some guys who know a guy who told them that one of the features we can expect for the next big PS3 update will be support for keeping game saves online, a.k.a. Cloud storage. In theory, it would let you continue a saved game from any PS3 by logging into your online account. While most people probably aren't moving back and forth between PS3s all that often, it could help people who have to replace PS3s, or who just want to continue a game at a friend's house. I'm actually in a two PS3 household right now, and it could be neat to continue any game from the comfort of my bedroom when my roommate wants to use the big TV for himself. There are a couple of catches though. First, the report says the service would be for Playstation Plus members only. Next, developers could opt out if they're worried about possible abuses of the system, so it would be up to them to decide whether to implement it on a particular game or not.

Joystiq pointed out that such a feature was mentioned in a survey about Playstation Plus before the service was announced, and Sony did trademark the phrase "PS Cloud" a while back. Honestly this does seem more like a when than an if, but there's always the chance they'll change their minds at the last minute. Is this something that would make you a little more willing to put down the cash for a quarterly or yearly subscription to the service, or are you still unconvinced?

You Can Soon Save Your PS3 Games In Thin Air [Kotaku]
[via: Joystiq]

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