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Satoru Iwata To Present Keynote At GDC 2011

iwata.jpgVarious sources including Famitsu have reported that President and CEO of Nintendo, Satoru Iwata, will be the keynote speaker at the 25th Game Developers Conference this February.

This won't be the first time Iwata speaks at GDC, but his keynote speech this year titled "Video Games Turn 25: A Historical Perspective and Vision for the Future" is special since it marks the 25th anniversary of the conference. In past speeches, Iwata has revealed Nintendo products and information, and since this conference is just days after the launch of the Nintendo 3DS in Japan, you know the new 3D capabilities of future gaming systems will be a popular topic.

GDC takes place February 28 through March 4 in San Francisco. Usually intended for game professionals, it is also used as a platform to publicize new products and upcoming titles.

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