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The High Court Of Nerddom

Brian Ashcraft of Kotaku did a short piece on the rise of Olivia Munn as a force to reckoned with in the nerd kingdom. There's no doubt she's got the spark that people want in their nerd celebrities (and Playboy photo shoots help as well), but that got me thinking: If Olivia Munn is currently the Nerd Princess...who are the Princes, and why?

Prince of the Nerds

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To be considered such a powerful nerd celebrity, someone like Oliva Munn had to amass a wide range of credits. Sure some of her credits pander to a certain pubescence, but some of the people I'm listing do as well. Despite that their works are well known and well respected. The people I picked all have some of the same qualities: a great career behind them, and a great career ahead of them, and the personality to keep it together through it all. My three (in no particular order)...

Cliff Bleszinski

Cliff Bleszinsky

Cliff's had an amazingly spot-on career. Always in touch with the lighter side, I've appreciated his efforts every single time I play them over the years. Jazz Jackrabbit to Unreal to Gears of War to the hotly anticipated Bulletstorm? He's holding it together, he's 35, he's got a GREAT career still ahead of him. It's nice to see someone who knows his style and sticks too it. Bravo.

Adam Sessler


Why there is no "" eludes me. Adam is a beast, surviving the merger that created G4 with grace, going on to host the plumb line of TV Video Game Journalism X-Play. He gave a well received speech at GDC '09 about MetaCritic. Sessler is riding the kind of tenure I think we all secretly dream of, and he'll be around forever. I think that's a good thing.

Wil Wheaton

wil wheaton

Despite the black pit of despair that is Wesley Crusher, Wil Wheaton has been riding high in Hollywood since "Stand By Me." But after his Young Actor bubble burst he did something even cooler: he defined Internet Celebrity. Wheaton's blog has been around for around ten years now, and his Wikipedia entry reads like a "Best Of" for nerds. Voice-Acting, technology development, TV appearances...He's the alpha nerd. He's the Mua'dib.

This list is short and flawed, but it represents a small slice of an important crowd: the Nerd High Court. Who we decide to include could say a lot about the state of the subculture. Who do we listen to now? Who do we look forwards to hearing from?

Comment with your own additions/thoughts!


Nick Bell said:

Sessler is a fantastic choice. His ability to use his position at G4 to promote the best of gaming is great. He encourages thought and discussion of games at a higher level than your average critic.

Two additions:
Jeff Gerstmann
A long time fan favorite at Gamestop, he really came into his own after his firing. Giantbomb manages to do what very few other video game websites manage to do: build a real community. Even more so, it is a relatively inclusive and welcoming one. Compare article comments to sites like Kotaku, and you'll see quite a difference. It is a place that reflects well on gamers, and Gerstmann is the heart of that opperation.

Russ Pitts
In a similar fashion to Gerstmann, Pitts is not the sole creator of his contribution. Rather, as the editor of The Escapist, he fosters a place where video games can be discussed and thought in ways beyond simply what has the best graphics. It does this in multiple mediums: print, comics, video. Shows like Extra Credits is content simply not found anywhere else. It is a place one can go and actually expand ones understanding.

Franko said:

+1 for whil wheaton for sure. adam sessler can be some sort of duke or count or something. : )

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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