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Video: Dead Space 2 Launch Trailer Shows A New Isaac

Dead Space already has a pretty tall order to fill - take the flagging action-horror genre and breathe some unlife into it--oh, and while you're there, add intense atmosphere and QTE moments. Also, it's in space! Cuz that's totally easy to do. The first game had its work cut out, but it still managed to bring some much-needed interest and innovation to the genre.

This time around, it's a new Isaac with new resources, new allies, and new weapons to combat the necromorph threat. Everyone's favorite variation on zombies have returned to haunt the corridors of the Sprawl, and it's up to you to cleanse the area. The threats are more threatening, the tension is more tenacious, and the atmosphere has been bumped up a notch. Don't expect to relax when wandering or watching this game, is what I mean.

The above trailer explains it all - especially the view of a more vulnerable and human Isaac, untrusted by those around him despite being the only one capable of holding off the necromorph threat. It's quite sad, actually, but that will only add to the irony and drama of Dead Space 2's story. This trailer only glimpses the campaign, but there's also a full mutliplayer mode to check out.

Check out the first game if you haven't, and then check out the demo of this if you haven't. Dead Space 2 will be touching the atmosphere of this world on January 25!

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