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Video: L.A. Noire Introduces A Seedy Element

It's been talked about, leaked, talked about some more, and finally revealed to the world officially and without the bitter defeat of internet reveals. But this will mark the first time you've seen the second L.A. Noire trailer on the fine & fancy GayGamer theatre screens.

If you haven't already seen it, the second reveal adds some overarching plot to the world of Team Bondi's Los Angelos. A serial killer who targets women is the ultimate culprit in town, now, and it's up to you and the LAPD to find out what's what. As one of your fellow detective hints, the idea of copycat killers is not unknown in these dark times, so expect that some of the gruesome scenes you'll have to comb over won't necessarily lead you down the correct path.

In addition to some more gunplay, the second video shows off a few glimpses of crime scenes that will prove to be the player's main challenge during the story missions - full of clues and uncooperative characters who must be convinced or cooerced into being part of your investigation. The chief's words at the end ring out the message that's been central to L.A. Noire's crime-solving themes so far: "If ever there was a time for extracting a confession, this was it!"

We'll keep piecing together the clues as to whether Rockstar's next game will live up to its legacy.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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