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Video: Dead Space 2 - Show Those Necromorphs You're #1

If, like me, you doubt that you'll ever have the time, dedication, or hand-eye coordination to get through Dead Space 2's hardest mode, consider the above clip motivation. Basically, if you manage to finish the game on the Hard Core difficulty level, not only do you get the satisfaction of a job well done (and probably a cramp in your hand), you unlock the Hand Cannon, which is a bit more literal than other weapons with that name: it's a giant foam hand, the kind you see at sporting events and pep rallies. I assume; I'm not a regular at sporting events and pep rallies, but I've seen a few on TV. Even though the primary fire consists simply of Isaac pointing at enemies and saying "Bang Bang!" (secondary fire is "Pew Pew Pew!"), the hand seems to pack a pretty good punch, as the video shows him taking down an early boss in just a few shots. Ammo appears to be unlimited, which makes sense; how would you reload a foam hand anyway?

I'm currently about 1/4 of the way through Dead Space 2, and so far I'm impressed. While it's not pants-wettingly scary, the atmosphere in this one is much more confident and assured; basically it feels less like a patchwork of sci-fi and horror tropes than the first, while not completely abandoning genre convention. The story still feels a little thin at this point - basically I'm playing "follow the random stranger's orders" - it's not really getting in the way of all the limb-slicing and chest stomping. Will I play it enough to get that foamy reward? I can't say, but I'm sure I'll revisit the Sprawl at least one more time after my first play-through.


Yeah, good luck with Hard Core mode. I guess the health packs and ammo are virtually non-existent.

Oh, and here's another catch: You only get three saves for the entire game. I just beat the game on Normal and I can tell you that towards the end, it gets completely brutal. I can't even begin to imagine what Hard Core is like...

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Kid Amnesiac 1979 on Video: Dead Space 2 - Show Those Necromorphs You're #1: Yeah, good luck with Hard Core mode. I guess the health packs and ammo are virtually non-existent. Oh, and here's...

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