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Video: The Hadouken Kinection

Remember all the way back to a week and a half ago when I posted this article about YouTube user demize2010 hacking Doom, Zelda and Call of Duty to work with the Kinect? It seems that wasn't just a one-shot project for him as he's released another video of the Kinect working with Street Fighter IV. When I saw him in action, once again my first thought was "Sega Activator." This time, though, it was because he was moving in the way the failed peripheral promised instead of in the way it delivered.

Hit the jump to see how high he has to jump to activate a shoryuken.

In a very, very wise decision, demize decided to have character movement handled by the Wii nunchuck, just like he did for his Call of Duty hack. Most folks already have their living room space at a premium when trying to make space for the Kinect, so having to make additional room for people to run back and forth would be a terrible idea. Plus, I suspect most folks don't wanna do a bunch of running back and forth in the first place, so bravo on sidestepping this design flaw.

Another wise decision was mapping heavy and light punches and kicks to different limbs rather than making the player perform the exact movement that the character does. Having that in as an advanced option would be neat, but people who play fighting games want to learn how to control their character, not become a world warrior. Besides, I can only imagine how many dislocated shoulders would result from attempting to mime Dhalsim's heavy punch.

Special moves such as the hadouken are achieved by using a move-specific gesture that roughly imitates the special move being used. For the hadouken, one simply extends their hands as if holding a fireball rather than squat, lean forward, move forward and punch. Or the uppercut is performed by....doing an uppercut, and lifting a knee performs a heavy uppercut. I'd be interested in seeing how some of the more exotic moves would be mapped to a gesture shortcut, such as Chun-Li's lightning kick, or Chun-Li's spinning bird kick, or ANYTHING by Cammy.

One concern that I have is how easy it seems to be to pull off more complicated moves. No super attacks are shown, but demize is able to pull off Ken's uppercuts very quickly and with a simple gesture. Part of the idea of fancier attacks is that they take longer to execute, so the player is balancing being exposed while entering a longer, more complicated button combination for the payoff of landing a powerful attack. Being able to spam these attacks with simple gestures seems like it could potentially affect game balance; but then again, experienced players have these little lightning thumbs that whip out super combo killer death moves in a fraction of a second, so I might be worrying over nothing.

This is a step in the right direction of Kinect hacking, and this video in particular is a vast improvement over his past three projects. Well done, demize2010, you're on the right track with the hacks and I personally am looking forward to what you come up with next.

[via Kinect Hacks]


To be perfectly honest i think the vast majority of people will agree with this, but you always get some people who will disagree.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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Andy Mattewson on Video: The Hadouken Kinection: To be perfectly honest i think the vast majority of people will agree with this, but you always get some...

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