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Video: The Trashmaster

The trashmaster (nouvelle version nouvelle voix-off !)
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An enterprising French filmmaker, Mathieu Weschler has a stunning accomplishment on his hands. He has, over the course of two years, created The Trashmaster, a feature length film using the Grand Theft Auto IV engine. In his own words:

Created entirely with images from the video game Grand Theft Auto IV, this stylistic feat makes all former attempts to turn machinimas into a fully-fledged genre look like child's play. The "trashmaster" divides his time between collecting garbage and cleaning up other forms of trash fouling up New York City's streets: dealers, small-time criminals, rapists... When the dancers in his favourite strip club are mysteriously killed, the trashmaster finds himself hot on the trail of a particularly twisted serial killer.

I thought that The Trashmaster was extremely well made. Its voice acting is sparse, but convincing, and it makes excellent use of music and sound effects, not to mention a great use of Grand Theft Auto IV . There is brief nudity and strong language, not to mention violence (everything we've come to expect and love from Grand Theft Auto) so it may not be the best way to spend time at work, but it is something you should definitely take the time to sit down and watch! I wonder though, would Roger Ebert consider this art?

Full Feature-Length Film Created with GTAIV: "The Trashmaster"


BK said:

Ever watch Heavy Rain in Liberty City? Blows all of this stuff out of the water.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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BK on Video: The Trashmaster: Ever watch Heavy Rain in Liberty City? Blows all of this stuff out of the water....

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