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Why I Have 3DS Excitement: The Return of Pit

icarus_flying_intro.jpgNintendo shocked many back in 2003 with the announcement of the Nintendo "Nitro", the system that would become the DS we know and love today and the device that would evolve Nintendo's handheld line into a more mature, stable platform for portable gaming. With innovative titles like NintendoDogs and Brain Age, it not only created new loved series, but introduced many into gaming, as well as providing plenty of new titles for the hardcore gamer. Now we all anxiously await the 3DS, which is going to provide us with unique 3D visuals, augmented reality gameplay, a new analog stick, and surely more innovating titles. This series is going to take a look at why we gamers should be looking forward to this device.

I for one am very excited and pumped for this new machine that fellow GG writer Super Swede described as something that really has to been seen to comprehend and appreciate. I have not been this excited for a game system launch since the original DS model and suspect I'll be one of those suckers waiting early in line for a new 3DS, despite the impending 3DS Lite that I'm sure will come down the road.

So jump ahead and look at the second reason why I am excited for this new handheld gaming platform!

Kid Icarus is one of those of old school Nintendo games I remember playing happily as a child. Unfortunately like some of their other great, yet early titles like Balloon Fight, Clu Clu Land, and Ice Climber, the main series has been mostly tossed aside for Nintendo's more up to date, high selling series aside from a few references in other games. Though it certainly does not have as many followers as Nintendo's usual suspects, Metroid, Mario, and Zelda, this old school game blends a lot of concepts of the original versions of these classic triple-A titles and has developed quite a few devoted followers who have been wanting to see the series triumphantly return.
Nintendo fanboys have been begging for a Kid Icarus update since rumors of the Wii began, which lead to some very convincing Photoshopped advertisements of a Kid Icarus title for the motion based system. Many gamers thought that such a huge fan reaction to the many Photshopped advertisements would help spark interest in Nintendo to update the series. Interestingly enough, it was often imagined as some sort of FPS-esque, more "mature" styled game. However, the best Nintendo ever did was include Pit as one of the new main fighters in Smash Bros. Brawl. Players are re-introduced to him early into the story which brought some new life to the winged hero after many years of being dormant.

A nice surprise came when Nintendo showed us the 3DS. We witnessed a beautiful trailer for the game titled Kid Icarus: Uprising and it was met with quite a lot of excitement from those watching. The game mixes air and ground combat and many have compared it to the Sin and Punishment series. This is quite a different approach from the style of gameplay that the series is grounded in, but it appears to be a nice evolution for the series. From Nintendo World 2011, many in the media have been reporting that the gameplay is very action packed, fun, and quite streamlined. Going from aerial to ground combat has been reported to be smooth and very much streamlined into the game.

It is quite clear they stuck with the visual direction they took the characters in from Brawl and they really show off early examples of what the 3DS is capable of, besides 3D effects. The game is bright and beautiful and seems to run at a steady framerate. I have not played the game myself, something I hope to remedy soon, but I've been told by fellow colleagues that the 3D effects are very useful in understanding the perspective of the action on screen in this fast paced game.

I personally am hoping that this brings the Kid Icarus series back into being a well known name among gamers and non-gamers as part of Nintendo's staple lineup for future systems as well and again becomes a heavy hitter title for Nintendo. Below is a video posted on YouTube of the game being shown at Nintendo World 2011, which really helps give us a glimpse at the combat going on.

[3DS Blog's Kid Icarus: Uprising Gameplay Footage]


Splash Chick said:

Kid Icarus sucked, so I'm withholding judgment on this one.

Nugget said:

Did you play Sin and Punishment at all? Pretty neat games in my opinion.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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Nugget on Why I Have 3DS Excitement: The Return of Pit: Did you play Sin and Punishment at all? Pretty neat games in my opinion....

Splash Chick on Why I Have 3DS Excitement: The Return of Pit: Kid Icarus sucked, so I'm withholding judgment on this one....

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