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Why I Have 3DS Excitement: Timely Updates

Nintendo shocked many back in 2003 with the announcement of the Nintendo "Nitro", the system that would become the DS we know and love today and the device that would evolve Nintendo's handheld line into a more mature, stable platform for portable gaming. With innovative titles like NintendoDogs and Brain Age, it not only created new loved genres, but introduced many into gaming, as well as providing plenty of new titles for the hardcore gamer. Now we all anxiously await the 3DS, which is going to provide us with unique 3D visuals, augmented reality gameplay, a new analog stick, and surely more innovating titles. This series is going to take a look at why we gamers should be looking forward to this device.

I for one am very excited and pumped for this new machine that fellow GG writer Super Swede described as something that really has to been seen to comprehend and appreciate. I have not been this excited for a game system launch since the original DS model and suspect I'll be one of those suckers waiting early in line for a new 3DS, despite the impending 3DS Lite that I'm sure will come down the road.

So jump ahead and look at the first reason why I am excited for this new handheld gaming platform!

Just as Nintendo was smart to have the DS launch with one of their reliable sellers, Super Mario 64, Nintendo is making a smart move by upgrading a game that often makes it to number one on "Top Games" countdowns as well as the very popular Star Fox 64 help support this new platform with new and sometimes controversial approaches to portable gaming.

In the past couple years I have received many insulting responses when I boldly declared that one of Nintendo's best titles ever created, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, had aged poorly. I know it sounds heretical, believe me! However, after playing both the Gamecube and Wii ports quite sometime after I had played through the original N64 copy, I just did not like seeing what the ravages of time had done to this beloved gem.
Thumbnail image for ocarina_dungeon_3ds.jpg
I'm usually not too big of a visual snob when it comes to video games, I play way too much NES and Atari 2600 for that to be a concern of mine, however I very much felt a game of this caliber deserved better than this. The environments started feeling so dull, the textures so muggy that they were distracting, and many character models started looking fairly lifeless to me. Surely I thought this game needed to be at least redone with cleaner visuals and offered as WiiWare download title, rather than just its Virtual Console port.

Well, we got something even better in my opinion. The visual upgrades are exactly what they need to be, still keeping with the art direction of Ocarina but now have cleaner, more detailed textures, and have upped the polygon count on the character models themselves. The added touch screen controls for item management and access, alternating between third and first person views, and overhead views of dungeon maps, give us a nice revisit to an old favorite with all of the upgrades right where we need them.

I am also excited for the port of Star Fox 64, as it is one of my personal favorites from the Nintendo 64 lineup. While from what I have seen, the visual upgrades look nice and clean for it too and being one of the best space shooters out there, but I'm more excited for the 3D effects added to this stellar space title. I cannot wait to see what is like to have enemy lasers zipping at you in 3D as well as having your handy nova bombs explode on a barrage of enemies. Though I'm not so sure I'll play this in public as I tend to lash out at Slippy when he gets whining a bit too much for me to save him from himself.

I for one am excited to revisit both of these titles with a fresh coat of paint and better control features. It'll be interesting to see how the 3DS' analog stick controls working together with the touch screen compare to the N64's controller. But I'll put up with Navi's "Listen!" spam if she flutters around with snazzy 3D effects. Leave it to Nintendo to have me salivating for a game I've already played multiple times and know so well.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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