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Wootini's Weekly Animal Crossing Diary


Dear Diary,

There's still a hole in my heart since Rodeo left, but I'm determined to move on with my life. And it doesn't hurt that Derwin is so geekily adorable. Of course, after all the drama and excitement of last week, this one simply had to be quieter, but there's still stuff going down. And we may lose another one if I'm not careful!

I thought everyone wanted to live the Narnia dream!


Rodeo was barely gone before freakin' Goldie mentions that she's questioning her life choices and was thinking about moving out. Not that I'm so attached to her or anything, but I didn't want to lose another neighbor so soon after the last. Plus, she barely got here, so I figure she should take some time and enjoy Narnia before checking out. Really get to know it. So I asked her to stay, and she said she'd think about it. A few days later when I checked in with her again, she still seemed undecided, so I asked her again to stay. We'll see if that's enough. By the end of the week, she was still hanging around, so maybe she changed her mind after all.


So it turned out that Pierce was really eager to play a game of hide and seek. Derwin and Octavian joined in, and I ran around seeking. But I guess I wasn't paying close enough attention to the time, because it ran out on me. I don't mind playing hide and seek because I can water my flowers as I wander around town looking for everyone. But this time I totally lost track of time and I lost! I've never lost before! I was stunned! Oddly, though, if you lose, nothing happens. I totally thought we'd all meet again in front of Town Hall where we started, since that's where you're given your prize if you win. But no, the timer just disappeared and I was just sent on my merry way. Weird. Guess they don't want to rub it in that you suck.


My good buddy Adrian surprised me with a little late Christmas present this week. He doesn't remember where the DLC came from, but it was a sporty floor, a tteok plate and this awesome snowman vanity. I didn't know they added to the snowman set with DLC. That's awesome!


I love when I see Pascal standing on the bridge, because I can't wait to hear what kind of crazypants hippie nonsense he'll spout next. But I gotta say, this time around? Not that great. Kind of straightforward and obvious, really. Maybe he'll be on better stuff next time he swings by. Don't think I like sober Pascal.


It's been a little cloudy this week, and we even had a little snow, but one night it was clear, and I noticed that the constellation I'd created was visible. Too bad about that obnoxious moon screwing it up. Something oughta be done about that eyesore...


Last, but certainly not least, I got a new painting for the museum! I know, I know. After two years, you'd think I'd have found them all by now. But I haven't. I sometimes forget to go every week. Which is mostly because when I do remember, Redd is either selling a painting that I already have in the museum, or I buy a new one only to have Blathers determine that it's actually a nasty forgery. I keep meaning to be more diligent, but what are you gonna do... Next week I'll try again, promise!

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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