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Wootini's Weekly Animal Crossing Diary


Dear Diary,

It was a particularly quiet week in Narnia. Well, I mean, it's not like nothing happened. We actually had a big coming and going, but other than that, it was pretty sedate. I guess because it's cold and snowy, nothing much is going down. Maybe when spring comes it'll get more lively. Or maybe I just need to go around stirring things up. Yeah, that sounds more fun!


I don't know when the Northern Lights are supposed to appear. I'm sure there's some kind of cosmic schedule to it or something, but I can't be arsed to look it up. And I don't usually play that late at night, so I hardly ever see it. I recall occasions when my neighbors would mention that the sky was supposed to be really pretty that night, but it was still too early, and I couldn't be bothered to come out of my house again later on, so I would miss out. So I felt particularly lucky to come out of my house this evening and find the sky all lit up. It's so pretty.


So remember last week when I tried to talk Goldie out of leaving town? And then I tried again and it looked like she'd decided to change her mind? Well, I guess I'm not nearly as persuasive as I thought. Because I woke up one morning, and she was gone. I'd like to say I'll miss her, but honestly, she wasn't really here long enough for me to get attached. Besides, we've already got Daisy, and I don't really think there's room in Narnia for two cute little dogs, even if they are different colors.


Like I said, the whole week was pretty boring. I tried going to the black market in the city, but he had the same moody painting that he was selling last week. And since last week it was the real thing, this one had to be a forgery. But by the end of the week, Goldie's replacement arrived. I recognized Lucy, but not from Narnia. I'd thought she'd already lived here once, but she hasn't. I checked. So I guess she must have moved into one of the other towns I lived in. Because I definitely remember her. Not that she remembers me, of course. They never do. These animals have the memory of a goldfish. It's like, a day long. Anyway, now we have another pig. I suppose she and Curly are gonna hit it off just great. Then maybe we'll have little piglets running around town making a mess. Terrific. Just what we need...

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