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Wootini's Weekly Animal Crossing Diary


Dear Diary,

Lots more drama in Narnia this week, I'm afraid. And surprise, surprise, it's all centered around Derwin, of all people! I know, right? Quiet little geeky duck, and he's making me crazy...


Rodeo's exit devastated me, but when Derwin turned out to be his replacement, it eased the pain somewhat, because Derwin is pretty awesome. So imagine my panic this week when he sprung on me his intention to move away! Crazy, right? I mean, not only has he only just gotten here, but I've made a point of talking to him constantly because he's so awesome. At least he gave me the chance to talk him out of it, even if his response to my saying "Don't go" was to admit he wasn't sure he could get out of it.


Naturally, I also immediately ran to the Town Hall to mail him a present. And I got this lovely response with a lab floor attached to it as a gift for me. Hey, it's the thought that counts. And I was hoping this meant he'd changed his mind. But it hadn't! I was having a perfectly lovely conversation with him in his house, and none of his things were packed up, but he still remarked that it was almost time for him to move!


So naturally I asked him not to again, and when he mentioned that he was really wishing he had a pill bug for a pet, I ran right out and started pounding on rocks with my shovel until I found one. Then I rushed back and presented it to him, and he loved it! I thought, this has to be enough to convince him to stay.


Thankfully, it was. Phew! Although I have to say it was rather odd to run into him walking around later in the week and have him catch sight of the lab floor in my pocket and beg me to trade it to him for his pill bug. Does that make him ungrateful or an Indian Giver? Both? Whatever. I don't care. At least he's sticking around.


Needless to say that today when he was telling me a dream about pigging out on crazy food while wearing a folk tunic and then asking me to get him one, I made sure to order a folk tunic from Nook for him. I know, I know, he's probably just using me, but what can I do? I'm tired of my friends leaving me! I'll be so lonely!


See! Told you it was all Derwin all the time this week! But as a palate cleanser, I leave you with this bit of hippie wisdom from Pascal. And look at his crazy eyes! I think someone didn't listen when they warned you not to take the brown acid...


April said:

I finally read them all! So, so funny. Even though I don't have any intention of buying this game, I LOVE your blog.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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April on Wootini's Weekly Animal Crossing Diary: I finally read them all! So, so funny. Even though I don't have any intention of buying this game, I...

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