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"World Of Starcraft" Video Pulled From Youtube

Those praying to the Great Magnet to finally grace us with "World of Starcraft" got a little slice of heaven recently, when modders uploaded a video of a very "World of Warcraft"-esque Starcraft 2 mod to youtube. It has since taken down the video, stoking fear that Blizzard had brought down their mighty corporate hammer to kill the project. Ryan Winzen, one of the mod's creators, posted an update about the situation, saying that "apparently some people from Blizz were concerned I was developing the game somehow outside of SC2." The matter seems to have been largely resolved, with Blizzard even stating that they look forward to seeing how the project develops.

Now i understand Blizzard's point of view. It's their intellectual property, and thus they are perfectly within their rights to take down the video, or even disallow the project altogether. They've stated that taking down the video is routine, given that Starcraft 2 is their property, and I even give them kudos for taking a largely hands-off approach to mod developers. Nonetheless, i can't help but feel a fleeting bit of annoyance that they've chosen this course of action. Routine or not, it is ultimately the company's decision, and i find it a bit silly to have the video taken down in lieu of a warning of potential copyright infringement over the name. Moreover, with Blizzard showing no interest in developing a Starcraft MMO -- sort of perplexing, given they're effectively turning down an aircraft carrier full of money -- it would be lovely to have some independent creators fill the void, even in a limited capacity. But again, at least Blizzard's only true gripe is with the name, so all should be well -- and to give the story a happy ending, Mr. Winzen has been offered an interview with Riot Games, creators of League of Legends.


John said:

Like all these not about the actual footage but the hype and controversy created. Blizzard played right into his hands and now he's going to be the winner in the end. Figures. I suspect we'll see more of this stuff. Good for him. The footage is ok but definitely not worth all the hype.

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John on "World Of Starcraft" Video Pulled From Youtube: Like all these not about the actual footage but the hype and controversy created. Blizzard played right into his...

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