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A Geeky Collection of Valentine's Day Cards

v1.jpgI remember back when I was in elementary school I would tell my mom to buy me a box of those pre-made Valentine's Day cards for me to distribute in class to all my "close" friends. Giving them to both girls and boys wasn't the problem, since most of the cards had very casual, friendly messages on them, but I also remember that some of those box kits had at least four bigger cards for those special people in your life. Being shy, I didn't dare give them to any other student, so instead, I saved them for my teachers. Very lame, I know.

I also remember that back then there were no video game-themed cards. The only ones that were available were cartoon-themed box kits like Looney Toons and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The girls in my class would always give me Lisa Frank, Disney, and Care Bear-themed cards, but the boys would be a bit more reserved giving me Batman cards with the message "You're a Do-Gooder, Valentine." These would make me laugh, but I would cherish them if they came from people I really liked (in private, of course.) Nowadays, you can give these cards to anyone via the internet, and you can find them in video game flavors too!

The artistically talented people over at 4colorrebellion have a tradition of creating video game-inspired Valentine's Day cards each year. I just wanted to share with you these creative little cards since, while simple in design, their message is loud and clear - video games can be a way to someone's heart. Being a shared activity, a multiplayer game can be a great way to get to know someone. Sure you may let him win, but if you both enjoy the game, that's another thing you have in common, right?

Do you have any interesting memories of Valentine's Day cards you have given or received? Or, if you have any favorite video game Valentine's Day cards, share them with us! Below are my favorites. Happy Valentine's Day!



WonderbreadUSA said:

The Iwata Asks valentine is by far and away my favorite of the lot.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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WonderbreadUSA on A Geeky Collection of Valentine's Day Cards: The Iwata Asks valentine is by far and away my favorite of the lot....

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