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Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood To Receive Free Map Upon Facebook Milestone

acbvenezia.jpgIt's always nice to get free stuff, right? When developers support their games months after the fact by releasing DLC in the from of map packs or add-ons... it's almost like a benevolent deity is watching after its closest followers and rewarding their revelry with a shower of fun. There are times, of course, that this entity needs a little worship in return.

In this case, the altar is Facebook and the ransom is a new multiplayer map. That's right: Ubisoft is hosting a promotion whereby if they reach 1 million 'Likes' for Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, they'll unleash a tempest of deals upon their loyal subjects--chief among them being the map pictured above, "Venezia at Night." What better way to look popular than to throw the best parties, right? Among the other party favors, the we see listed a "THANK YOU video, featuring real life Assassin's Creed developers," some more FB contests, a new T-shirt design in the UbiWorkshop store, and a 15% discount for that store. UbiWorkshop is the same sub-studio that specializes in neat extras, so a site-wide discount would also get you 15% closer to affording an Abstergo Industries shirt or limited-edition Sam Fisher print.

This trend of offering gamers an exclusive unlock as soon as they pass a collective test is an interesting one - we've seen it applied to the unlocking of planets in Nobi Nobi Boy, a one-off class upgrade in Team Fortress 2, and the cross-platform release of a map pack for Battlefield: BC2. As a marketing tactic, it practically guarantees that the already-connected network of fans will send a single experience viral for the chance to get free stuff - and in the case of stat-tracking contests, often have fun in the process. While this might mean we would've had more fun if Ubisoft had required a huge sum of stealth kills to unlock the next map, there's also something to be said for doing it out in the open.

If you're on board for more maps and discounts, let Ubisoft know with your own profile!

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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