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Assassin's Creed Joins The PC Brotherhood Next Month


For PC gamers, the wait is often the worst part of the undying war for superiority against their console-playing brethren. Maybe it's because publishers want their safe and secure version out there first, or maybe it's just all that additional hardware testing and multi-monitor support dragging down the launch. Whatever the reason, Ubisoft is now giving us a new reason to raise our heads, wallets, and hidden blades, since we have a release date for Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood on PC!

Watchful assassins already know that this version saw a delay rather than coming out last fall alongside the other versions, but your wait is almost over. Ubisoft will be letting the PC side into their folds on March 17, less than a month fron now. Even better, they're offering some exclusive preorder bonuses if you get your name on the Steam version: the "Trajan Market" and "Aqueduct" challenge maps, as well as access to the Harlequin and Officer characters in multiplayer. These will later cost more, as usual, with their Digital Deluxe Version.

Exciting developments are afoot in the war between the Templar and Assassins! The unique stealth-based multiplayer will be able to reach a new audience, and if the fates favor Ubisoft, we may see even more unique maps developed for free release. The only question floating around at this point is whether PC fans will have to deal the now-infamous DRM that will boot players from their single-player game if their internet hiccups. They saw some serious backlash and even changed the policy on previous games, but no official word has been released.

Whether bound by commerce or free to fly, PC gamers get their chance to continue the story of Ezio and Desmond soon!

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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