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Boston Indie Showcase Winners Announced

blinding silence.jpg

With PAXEast just around the corner, it's time to start getting excited about what we're gonna see when we're there. And three of Boston's finest indie developers have been selected to showcase their games for free as part of the Boston Indie Showcase at the event. So if you're there, you can check out these up-and-coming titles (and say "hi" if you run into any of us!):

Blinding Silence, from Team Uncertanty, sounds extremely intriguing to me. And not just because it's a puzzle game where you play as a blind man who can "see" sound. Okay, yeah, because of that. A wave of darkness has fallen over the land, and you use the power of sound to influence drones to progress through obstacles and return light to the world. That sounds pretty unique to me!

Owlchemy Labs' Smuggle Truck goes for straightforward over-the-top fun as you drive a truck to smuggle passengers over the border as fast as possible. "Tilt your truck, catch newborn babies, drive over armadillos, and rocket your way over hills, through caverns and over quicksand to save the people!" Um... newborn babies? Okay, why not?

Snapshot, by Retro Affect is a puzzle game where your camera absorbs objects into photographs, and putting one of your pictures into the world causes objects to come tumbling out. Capture and use everything from doors, light to copies of yourself to solve puzzles through five unique worlds. This one I want to try just because the description makes me think I understand how it plays, but I'm not quite sure!

So while you're checking out the latest from all the big names on the show floor at PAXEast, make sure to take a little time to play some indie games, too!

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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