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Bust-A-Move On Your iPhone


I don't normally play games on my iPod Touch, but the bf loves downloading them for his iPhone, so I might have to tell him that Square Enix has just released New Bust-A-Move for the iPhone and iPod Touch. (That way I don't have to pay for it myself!)

The game retains the same classic gameplay that will keep you addicted to tapping away on your screen, but adds some new features. You can use the new Tap Shot to simply tap in a direction to launch a bubble that way, or the pull and release Sling Shot control method. But now you can do a Jump Shot that allows you to launch a bubble over obstacles, which could help a whole lot when you're in a jam!

Other new features include the Hold ability to save bubble in the launcher for future use and Bomb Bubbles that can wipe out whole sections. They've also added a Game Over Countdown so that instead of immediately losing when the bubbles reach the bottom of the screen, you get a three-second countdown, letting you make one last-ditch effort to save yourself.

New Bust-A-Move contains the classic level style we all know and love, but with some new twists, some of which adjust the rules. The 80 Story Mode stages are divided into themed areas, each with their own boss battle. And collecting special bubbles can unlock hidden stages! There's also 55 Achievements to earn to keep you coming back for more. (As if the regular Bust-A-Move gameplay wasn't enough!)

Oh, and to commemorate the release of New Bust-A-Move, they're offering their previous release, Bubble Bobble Double, at a 40% discount, making it just $2.99. But that's only until February 14, so don't wait too long! (New Bust-A-Move retails for the regular $4.99.)


stellarvelocity said:

Shame on you for not knowing that Square Enix has had Bust-A-Move on the ANDROID market for about a year now. So for our Google-loving gaymers, you can pick it up as well for $4.99!

It's my favorite game of all time.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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stellarvelocity on Bust-A-Move On Your iPhone: Shame on you for not knowing that Square Enix has had Bust-A-Move on the ANDROID market for about a year...

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