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DC Universe Online Early Adopters Get Special Subscription Offer


As DC Universe Online's first month on the market winds down and the free trial periods start expiring, Sony Online Entertainment is offering a special deal to folks who want to commit to at least 3 more months of super-heroism (or villainy). Starting February 8, gamers can lock in a three-month "Legend" subscription plan of $29.99, a 25% savings over the usual quarterly price of $41.99. That price will be good for as long as you keep your subscription set to auto-renew every three months.

Even though the promotion technically runs until March 1, 2011, you'll want to sign up before your free trial period ends: if you let the regular subscription fee kick in, even if you switch to the Legendary plan you won't get the promo price until that runs out. If you were a day one player, that doesn't give you a lot of time to change your settings, so you might want to mark your calendars for this Tuesday. I'm not finding any specific information about a similar deal in Europe or Australia, so you may want to keep an eye open over there.

While my time with the beta didn't exactly convince me that the game was the superhero experience I'd been waiting for, I've read more positives than negatives since the game's been out. Still, I know the month price was a sticking point for a few people, especially console owners. Does the prospect of saving some cash make you more likely to stick around for the longish haul?

Legend Pricing for Legend Players [DCU Online]


Evilvet said:

Um, no. it's a fun game. it's along the lines of marvel ultimate alliance with bits of that superman game that came out around the time of the last movie. if you can say that marvel UA deserves to be paid $15 a month, then go for it. sure it's got more stuff than ultimate alliance. i don't wanna sell it short. playing with tons of strangers is fun. but $15 a month recurring fun? nope. maybe, MAYBE $5 a month. but it'd be great at FREE a month. i'd have bought a copy for at least three friends and family if it was free monthly. but i can't really give gifts that wind up costing the giftgetter money. i wanna now how many sales they lost from a monthly fee, or how many people dump it after the free month.

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Evilvet on DC Universe Online Early Adopters Get Special Subscription Offer: Um, no. it's a fun game. it's along the lines of marvel ultimate alliance with bits of that superman game...

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