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DLC Schedule Unlocked For Marvel vs Capcom 3

Who all's getting their air combo on today? If you're picking up the new Marvel vs Capcom 3 along with the rest of the shoryuken-sustained internet, or if you got it at one of the many midnight openings, then you've already taking those 38 characters for a ride. Now Capcom has announced the first date you'll be able to ride their alternate selves--the first Costume Pack, which will surely be a delight to fans of classic games as well as silver-age superheroes.

As you can no doubt spot in the images above, Costume Pack the First will include a war-hero Captain America, one of the original designs for Thor, and what I'm assured is the "Iron Patriot" character, which is the Green Goblin donning a power suit. Maybe all that heavy makeup did a number on his skin...?

On the Capcom side, we're looking way into the past for Ryu, who dons his outfit from the first Street Fighter. You can also spot Chris all buff in his S.T.A.R.S. uniform, and then the always-classy Sparda, who saved the world centuries before his son Dante got around to it.

All these fine costumes (and more?) can be yours in two weeks on March 1, for $5. Incidentally, that's also when the announced Shadow Mode will materialize, which allows you to train yourself against some of the most skilled fighters from within Capcom and the tournament community.

No word yet on when the first two DLC characters - Jill and Shuma-Gorath - will come to market, but common thought was about four weeks from release.

So regardless of whether a two-week window for DLC seems a bit short, these costumes look like a fun blast from the past. Who else is hoping for the classic mustached version of 'Rad' Spencer?

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March 15th. That's when Shuma and Jill can be purchased. As for Rad? I prefer my Bionic Commandos clean shaven, with Sunglasses and Red Hair. Ooh, maybe he's get Joe Fix it for Hulk and Armored Spider-Man. Maybe Street Fighter Alpha Chun Li. Ooh! and Resident Evil 1 Jill Valentine.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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Drunken_Lemur on DLC Schedule Unlocked For Marvel vs Capcom 3: March 15th. That's when Shuma and Jill can be purchased. As for Rad? I prefer my Bionic Commandos clean shaven,...

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