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Dragon Age 2 Demo Swoops In Later This Month

da2isabela.jpgEveryone was hoping for it, but no one was willing to say it's definitely on the way. Luckily, BioWare have let slip the news of our February dreams: Dragon Age 2 will be receiving the demo treatment on February 22!

The purported non-linear storytelling will come in handy in showing off this game little by little. Your Hawke's story will start at the prologue, introducing the character and choosing his or her class. After some more exposition and tutorial stuff, you'll jump ahead to later in the game: the Free Marches, an area north of the first game's Ferelden and the place where Hawke escaped the Blight. While there, you'll meet Isabela, a smuggler who was also the NPC that taught the Duelist specialization in the first Dragon Age.

If you're the type to be lured in by bonus content, BioWare's demo has that as well - complete it and you'll gain access to an longsword called Hayder's Razor, which increases health and mana. Take that, completionists!

It seems a long way away, but we'll keep rooting for the Champion of Kirkwall until we finally meet him or her!


Rosa said:

I'm more excited for DA2 than words can possibly express, but I'm waiting to hear whether or not we'll be able to import anything we do in the demo into the full game to decide if I'm going to play this.

I'd honestly be more happy with just a character creator. I loved that in DA:O, it got me so excited for my Warden and let me put her together and get a sense for her before the story started. Playing a demo with the default Hawkes that can't be imported will just be useless to me.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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Rosa on Dragon Age 2 Demo Swoops In Later This Month: I'm more excited for DA2 than words can possibly express, but I'm waiting to hear whether or not we'll be...

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