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GayGamer Week In Review - Week Of 2/07/2011


  • It looks like Dragon Age II will be getting some gay hugs (with more implied).

  • Wootini's video podcast was short but to the point.

  • This week, Purplexir profiled a trio of new pokemon: Snorunt, Persian, and Carnivine.

  • Take Two revealed The Darkness II, developed this time around by Digital Extremes.

  • Reviews: Navi Fairy thought Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 wasn't exactly what he was looking for, Digital Lit took a look at iCarus, a piece of digital fiction, and Henshin a Go Joe enjoyed his time with Game Dev Story.

  • Purplexir's friend told a tale of legendary beasts and the trials she underwent to get them.

  • This week's PlayNerd centerfold saw Bytejacker's Anthony Carboni getting a little catty.

  • This week's podcast saw the guys a little puzzled about the NGP, Fox News, and the gayness of Dragon Quest IX.

  • FrontierVille is getting a little anachronistic by bringing a same sex NPC pairing to the wild west.

  • In this week's Animal Crossing Diary, Wootini toyed with a business owner and played a game of hide and seek.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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