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Get Your Gayme On With The Developers Of Dead Space 2

dead space multiplayer.jpg

Does the thought of hobnobbing with industry types appeal to you, but you find your years of gaming has left you a socially-crippled psychopath with an overwhelming desire to kill, kill, kill? Well pony up, cowboy, because tomorrow at either 11am or 3pm PST you can do battle with some of the kids at Visceral Games over either Xbox live or PSN. The developers will be wearing special "Viral" suits for multiplayer: One "White Tiger Stripe" and the other "Viral Blue," which you can unlock for yourself by slaying one one of them (malice optional). Those who are unable to attend, don't fret; the suits can be unlocked in the future by killing any player sporting their hard-earned "viral" garb, thus giving the half-life of your peers' new-found coolness roughly 24 hours.

The developers ask that you RSVP on their facebook page, and also friend them on Xbox Live. Their tags are:

  • Darth Nougat
  • EA Sargonas
  • codecow
  • DS2Dev01
  • seanvora
  • Tolga1984
  • Rudoff
  • DS2Dev02
  • snodom
  • EgoTheLarge
  • The Iceist

Should you feel inclined to spread the news to your facebook friends, Visceral asks that you click the "share" button on their profile.

(via joystiq, playstation blog)

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