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Video: Half-Life 2 And Nazis And... Dinosaurs? Oh My!

One often asks oneself, "What makes a great game?" There are shimmering graphics, intricate sound, story, character development, and level design, just to name a few features. One might notice in this list the conspicuous absence of one key element: Dinosaurs. We all know the types of conflict in classic literature -- man vs. man, man. vs nature, man. vs self -- but never have we seen the "man vs. dinosaur" angle, and to everyone's determent. Sure, you might cite Turok as the pioneer of man-dinosaur combat, but riddle me this, clever one: Did Turok have Nazis?

Thankfully, this gaping void in the world of storytelling has finally been filled, with the release of Dino D-Day. The game is listed as a Half-Life 2 mod, but those in the high court of Nerdom may notice the look and sound of the weapons in the trailer bearing an undeniable resemblance to Day of Defeat, a game i thoroughly enjoyed in spite of being consistently bested by your local 12 year old. It's coming soon at Mod DB's site, so check it out -- god knows i will.

Death, I fear thy sting no more.

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