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Have A Ball With Club Nintendo!


Nintendo just added a couple new rewards for Club Nintendo members to spend their hard-earned game-buying and poll-taking points on. Starting today, you can either go retro or swaddle your handheld in style.

The replica of Game & Watch: Ball is modeled after the original one, which was Nintendo's first entry in the series back in 1980. It's totally awesome, but this kind of retro gaming goodness will set you back a whopping 1200 Coins.

On the cheaper end of the spectrum, there's a reversible Nintendo DS carrying pouch that's made from a "suede-like material" and available in red or blue, each with a grey interior. There's a Club Nintendo logo on the grey side, and one of several different 2D Mario character patches on the colored side. Those are just 250 Coins each.

Just head on over to the Club Nintendo website, and take your pick. I think the Game & Watch replica is pretty fantastic, but I'm nowhere near the number of Coins needed! Dangit!


And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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