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I Choose You! #5 - Poliwrath

ichooseyou.pngDid you know that with the advent of Pokémon Black and White there are now 649 Pokémon in existence? I remember back in the day when I would watch the anime on television and hear that familiar Pokérap song at the end of each episode naming all the Pokémon that, at the time, totaled 150. I'll admit, I was one of those people who tried to memorize their names, and I also went even further by researching their origins and how they were thought up. And guess what? I still do.

This is the fifth of my many I Choose You! articles where I will focus on one Pokémon or on its evolutionary line and cover its origins and abilities. I'll also include my own opinions about the Pokémon and what I remember most about them. Sure, we all know about Pikachu, Mewtwo, and Lucario. But what about the less famous ones like Sandslash, Whiscash, and Bastiodon? I've added all 649 Pokémon into a randomizer and I will try to focus on all of them as they come and in no particular order. Even if you are not a Pokémon fan, I hope you'll learn a bit about them, how they affected my own gaming experience, and perhaps realize why the Pokémon franchise is still going strong. Hit the jump for Poliwrath!

poli.pngWhen Poliwhirl is exposed to a Water Stone, it becomes Poliwrath, a dual type Water/Fighting Pokémon. Poliwrath was one of those Pokémon I got for the sole purpose of completing my Pokédex. I never really paid much attention to it in Pokémon Red, but like most Pokémon, it got a lot better in the later Generations.

A more tough and aggressive version of its pre-evolution, the Tadpole Pokémon Poliwrath is based on a mature tadpole that has lost its tail and has yet to becomes a frog. Its name alludes to its personality and the polliwog portion of its name signifies that it's still a tadpole. Its Japanese name Nyorobon comes from the onomatopoeic sound tadpoles make in the water and the word bonbon which emphasizes forcefulness. Poliwrath looks so much like Poliwhirl that I honestly did not think it evolved when I used a Water Stone on it. They both look exactly the same in terms of color and design, but Poliwrath has a more muscular frame and smaller pupils. Its Pokédex entries state that its newly grown muscles give it enormous swimming strength and that it is capable of swimming back and forth across the Pacific Ocean without effort. You think this would cause Poliwrath harm since tadpoles need fresh water to survive. But this Pokémon has evolved into something beyond a mere tadpole since it can also live on dry land.

The swirls in its abdomen represent the internal organs of a tadpole that can be seen through its translucent skin. This actually lets it hypnotize its opponents and then finish them off with fierce punches. Thanks to its swirls, Poliwrath is actually one of two Fighting-type Pokémon that can learn Psychic. When I had to battle Cyanwood City's Gym Leader Chuck, his Poliwrath would use Hypnosis to put my Pokémon to sleep and then attempt use the powerful DynamicPunch move. With its unique typing, Poliwrath is also resistant to seven popular attack types, so it was a formidable opponent.

I also remember using a rental Poliwrath when playing Pokémon Stadium 2. The game let you play as rental Pokémon with predetermined moves so this allowed me to play as Pokémon I never would have picked otherwise. The game also had an Academy that taught you different combinations of attacks you could do for better effectiveness. Its Poliwrath came equipped with a Chesto Berry and the moves Belly Drum and Rest. As soon as you do Belly Drum, your attack gets maximized but you lose half you health. Then, you do Rest to recover your health and your berry automatically wakes you up. This can sometimes work, but losing half its health leaves Poliwrath very vulnerable.

Looking back, I wish I had used Poliwrath a lot more. Its typing is unique, and its whole angry personality makes it appealing to me now. I may end up using it a lot more in the upcoming games when I decide to come up with mono-type teams to play people on Wi-Fi. One last thing I notice about Poliwrath is that it doesn't have a mouth. With muscles as big as it has, its diet must consist of high amounts of protein, but how does it get the food in its body?


VoiceOfGosh said:

Poliwrath does have a mouth! It's located in the very middle of its swirl pattern. This is seen in the pokemon episode "Charizard Chills" where Ash's Charizard fights a Poliwrath. The Poliwrath uses Ice Beam and Water Gun and both come from the very small hole in the middle of its spiral. My guess is that this hole may as well be a mouth... If pokemon attacks can fly out of it maybe food can go in! :D

Purplexir said:

The anime also shows Pikachu's electricity destroying many Ground-type Pokemon...Haha.

Most Pokemon in the anime have attacks coming out of all sorts of places too. Poliwhirl does Bubblebeam and it shoots them out of its gloves. I would take the anime's interpretation of attacks with a grain of salt.

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VoiceOfGosh on I Choose You! #5 - Poliwrath: Poliwrath does have a mouth! It's located in the very middle of its swirl pattern. This is seen in the...

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