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I Want To Share My 3D Photos With The World!


One of the coolest features of Nintendo's 3DS handheld is its ability to take 3D photographs using the dual camera lenses on the front of the lid. While the resolution is quite low, and the photo quality is not great, there's still a visceral thrill at seeing an image captured in three dimensions. The only problem is that at present, photos that you've taken on your 3DS can only be shared with friends who also have 3DSes.

Obviously, Nintendo would want to keep it proprietary and get everyone to buy 3DSes to take and share their photos. But it shouldn't be too hard for someone to develop an application to sell in Nintendo's eShop that would take the two images, tint one red and the other blue and layer them back together to create an anaglyph image that could then be shared on Facebook, Twitter, or wherever. Personally, I think being able to share your 3D photography with a wider audience could also persuade some people to pick up a 3DS anyway. I saw a news report on 3D tech which featured a camera from Sony that takes 3D images and can export them as red and blue 3D pictures so anyone with a pair of cheap cardboard 3D glasses can view them. So it's obviously easy enough to do.

What I would like is if any indie developers are reading this, or if any of our readers have any ties to any developers who could put something like this together, to please do so as soon as possible. I don't know how restrictive Nintendo is going to be with their eStore, but they can't really object to something like this, right? So let's make this happen!


Dallas said:

Wootini I completely agree with you. I have a 3D camera and I wish there was a way to post my 3D images to Facebook via some app. You would just need the app to display the pictures side by side with dot to help you focus. I am frustrated that there isn't a way to to this. Nvidia is in beta for a site that allows you upload 3D files so others with 3D vision hardward can view in 3D via a website, which is pretty awesome I have started using it. I will probably do the same with my 3DS images. Here is the link.

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Dallas on I Want To Share My 3D Photos With The World!: Wootini I completely agree with you. I have a 3D camera and I wish there was a way to post...

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