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Live-Action LittleBigPlanet (Video)

Let me first say that I I love adorable things. I enjoy lolcats, Pixar films, and other such bits of sugary-sweetness that fly in the face of my usual dark sense of humor. When I first saw the preview for the original LittleBigPlanet, the little boy in me squirmed with anticipation. Aside from the general whimsy of the game, it featured Stephen Fry providing enchanting narration with a voice that always conjures up images of a lovely afternoon stroll in the English countryside. I only had it on the PSP, but even the stripped-down, portable incarnation found me spending countless hours enjoying colorful, childish fun. So it was much to my glee that the frantic staccato of my mouse clicks led me to a video by the "Show About Games Show" at The Escapist magazine. I don't particularly care for their other work, but this tickled my fancy. It features a rather elaborate set, plush toys, an a capella rendition of the LittleBigPlanet theme, and vocal reproductions of the game's sound effects -- but sadly (though not unexpectedly) no voice work from our favorite sophisticated Englishman. Ho hum.
With that, let me give a special tribute to Stephen Fry, Earth's delightful, gay British uncle: The kind of warm fellow who would read you bedtime stories before tucking you in, kissing you on the forehead, and whispering the words "Sleep well, little Billy. May cherubs beat their golden wings and fly you swiftly to the world of dreams."

I love you too, Uncle Stephen.


nymbauten said:

Really enjoyed this !

brandon said:

I am in love.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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brandon on Live-Action LittleBigPlanet (Video): I am in love....

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