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Making Old, 3D Again: Quest Warrior? Warrior Questing?

3d-gbc.jpgThe 3DS is certainly hitting a lot of news posts as of late. As the up and coming new kid on the block, everyone is talking about it and its ability to display games in 3D. With the announcement of the 3DS Virtual Console, I can't help but get excited about experiencing beloved titles once again.

I've been giving consideration to the kinds of titles I want to see on the 3DS Virtual Console that will be re-releasing Gameboy and Gameboy Color titles (possibly Advanced down the road) with dashes of 3D effects on them. So hit the jump to see my next pick of a title I want to see on the 3DS Virtual Console!

Dragon Quest is a series that I admit to not really playing much of until the release of the beautiful title, Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King. Before that I had played bits of pieces of other Dragon Quest titles when I came across them, which was a fairly rare opportunity for me. As a youngster, I'd typically be saving up lawn mowing money to be playing the latest Zelda or Mario title, and these games simply went under my radar, like they did for most American gamers.

However, I've since gone back and played a lot of these titles in the form of their DS dwarr3_box.jpgports and have fallen in love with their endearing, classic feel. I must say, Dragon Quest has nestled itself as one of my favorite gaming series and I cannot wait to see more titles down the road. What I like best about the Dragon Quest series is how it unashamedly sticks to its roots. This is a classic styled Japanese RPG and is in no way ashamed to show it off. Random battle encounters, simple battle screens and battle systems, simple story telling, and eye-roll inducing in-game accents (text only of course). However, there is a certain charm about this and I for one prefer more traditional RPGs as I find them more approachable and less intimidating to get into at the beginning. Interestingly enough, many of the Dragon Quest games were originally known as Dragon Warrior in their American releases. I guess "Quest" didn't sound American and manly enough, so it was pumped with "Warrior," which sounds more truck-driving and steak-eating I suppose. Regardless of what they are called, these titles have a great amount of charm and are a great way to get a healthy dose of the RPG world's roots.

Dragon *sigh* Warrior III, chronologically the first title in the original trilogy, starts like most traditional RPGs. That is, you wake up, you get an adventure to save the world from evil forced upon you for whatever reason. Again, aside from a simple story, the game also features a very basic, traditional combat system in which the player levels up and gains experience points from turn based dragonwarrior_screen1.jpgbattles. Dragon Warrior III features a class system, and aside from your main character being set in the Hero class, the others can choose from a handful of other roles. Some examples being Fighter, Mage, Jester, and others. This obviously affects which spells can be learned as well as various character stats for battle. The gameplay and story of this title is simple and not really anything out of this world, even when it was originally released. But the gameplay is still solid and is quite a long enough adventure for old RPG standards.

Dragon Warrior III has only been officially released in North America in the GameBoy Color format in 2001, aside from its original NES release, as far as I am aware of. Also, like many early Dragon Quest titles, it did not really sell all that well in the states. Especially in comparison to how it performed in Japan. However, Square-Enix has really built up the Dragon Quest line in recent years in the States, making this a very timely port for the 3DS. The title would get a second chance at life and allow player who missed the limited release on the GameBoy Color, another chance at snagging this gem. Having a nice, traditional RPG to play through on the go, built into your shiny new 3DS system would make this a must have 3DS Virtual Console must have. The title it is so heavily centered in traditional Japanese RPG gameplay means that this game isn't for everyone. However, if you are a fan of hardcore, traditional RPGs, this title is right up your alley. Heck, if you are one of those people who are only really a fan of modern RPGs, still give this title a shot and see how one of your favorite genres has evolved over the years.


IDistractedYou said:

The reason it was called Dragon Warrior was TSR the makers of Dungeons and Dragons had a US copyright on the name Dragon Quest already. I grew up playing these games and I can appreciate now their simplicity and especially gems like III the Illusion of Freedom that they give you.

Bill said:

I love the DW/Q series, DW being my first rpg right before Final Fantasy. I have gotten all of the re-released games & still have my NES copies :) I would be thrilled if they put them into the Virtual Console!

That said, I can't wait for 6!

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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Bill on Making Old, 3D Again: Quest Warrior? Warrior Questing?: I love the DW/Q series, DW being my first rpg right before Final Fantasy. I have gotten all of the...

IDistractedYou on Making Old, 3D Again: Quest Warrior? Warrior Questing?: The reason it was called Dragon Warrior was TSR the makers of Dungeons and Dragons had a US copyright on...

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