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Mario All-Stars Returns This March

superallstarsl.jpgWell if you are one of the suckers like me who missed out on your opportunity to get the Super Mario All-Stars 25th Anniversary of Super Mario Bros release on the Wii, I've read over at Wired that Nintendo is going to be printing more copies of the game on March 13. We all already had heard that they were considering printing more as the limited edition game was in very high demand, and we all know Mario prints money.

While criticized for not offering much in the way of extras, the Mario fanboy within me just had to have this to complete my Mario game collection. However, I was not about to shell out extra cash for the title on eBay for what this writer considers an already expensive price tag on a pretty simple port. This reprint will be identical to the version previously released last December.

Nintendo Will Ship More Mario All-Stars March 13 [Wired]

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