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Maybe Atari Should've Tested Test Drive Unlimited 2 A Bit More?


Remember back in the day before Internet when you would buy a game, and if it had a bug, you just sort of lived with it? Of course, remember how back then, because of that, developers would spend a lot of time testing the games to make sure there weren't any bugs? Sure, some slipped through, but not nearly as many as you find nowadays, what with downloadable patches becoming the norm.

Well, this letter from Atari and Eden Games regarding some issues they were having with the recently released Test Drive Unlimited 2 on the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360, just blew my mind. I'll reprint it here for you in full, but after the jump:

To the TDU2 community,

Thank you for your continued support and feedback. Our community has been amazing and helped us quickly identify a number of issues, which we have made significant progress in addressing in the upcoming patches.

We really appreciate your patience in this matter and we would like to announce that we will be making the first premium DLC for the game free for everybody as a way of saying thank you.

The Exploration Pack contains new wrecks to be discovered that unlock the Lancia Stratos version Rallye and 1969 Dodge Charger.

We now have fixes for all of the following issues that have already gone live on PC and will follow shortly once patches are approved by Microsoft and Sony, respectively.

Issues Fixed:

*Logging into the game has been improved
*Once into the game the online network experience is now much more stable in all areas
*Save games no longer corrupt
*Existing corrupted save games will be repaired in many cases
*Friends lists are now populated
*Invites now work correctly
*Clubs have been brought back online
*Exploits to gain money have been fixed
*Casino access has been improved
*Players will no longer lose money because of the Casino bug

The team spends a great deal of time looking at community feedback, so please keep posting your comments to the official TDU2 forums and we look forward to seeing you in Ibiza.


The TDU2 Development Team

Seriously? I know TRU2 is basically a racing MMO, and that genre is particularly prone to bugs, since there's so many variables to account for. But corrupted game saves and empty friends lists? Invites that don't work and a bug that either lets you earn too much money or lose it? That's just crazy.

Boy, I'm glad I'm not a racing fan, so I didn't buy this and wasn't bothered by all these bugs. But I guess for any of you out there who are and were, help is on the way!


IS said:

I went out and bought that game cause a friend gave it a good rating. I traded it in cause its too short. And the server for all the extras didn't work. Red dead redemption the first week was far better than this

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IS on Maybe Atari Should've Tested Test Drive Unlimited 2 A Bit More?: I went out and bought that game cause a friend gave it a good rating. I traded it in cause...

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