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Metro 2034: With More Support

Mmm, Cyrillic.

It had its issues, but last year's Metro 2033 was a game that had quite a bit I enjoyed. The moral ambiguity of a world in ruins was as murky as some of its environments. Resources were actually something on which you had to keep an eye--the bullets you use are the currency on which the world operates, and moving on the surface requires a scavenging mentality to find enough air for your gas mask.

The issues it had largely came from attempting so much that polish lacked in a lot of areas: shooting just felt off. Reactions were often sluggish. Sneaking could be done (my preferred method when given), but did not always communicate its circumstances particularly well. While it did give the sense that this was a world in which you were no super soldier (and thank whatever ponies for that, I can live without being a steroid-pumped caricature of men), it was frustrating on the user end of things.

Via Eurogamer (who in turn nabbed the info from IGN), a few quotations from THQ's "executive VP of core games" (while I read that sentence, and it makes some sort of sense, my mind is still struggling with accepting it) indicate that the sequel, Metro 2034 will have more support and marketing behind it.

This includes shooting mechanics, though the exact quotation, "Some of the shooting mechanics need to be better polished to compete with the Call of Dutys," leaves me wondering what their idea of the franchise is. As the first game had no multiplayer, it feels odd to want to view Call of Duty as a competitor. Perhaps if it were released in the same time frame--but that would seem to be shooting one's self in the foot anyway. Perhaps because they're both FPS games? Then again, so is BioShock, and yet I feel all three are in their own separate spheres, where there might be intersection in audiences, but not wholly.

In contrast, the assurance that there is no plan to Americanize the game, and instead keep its Russian and Ukrainian developed roots (story was Russian, game develop is Ukrainian), is a welcome one indeed. As some critics noted, the fact that your very ammunition is also your currency is something that speaks very much to a cultural mindset outside of the usual spheres we might see. It's a refrain I should likely tattoo on myself somewhere, but variety and options are a wonderful thing when available.

There is no set time frame for its release as yet, though it will still be released on Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. It will also be at E3, so hopefully we'll see more of it there.


Thicketford said:

I absolutely loved Metro 2033. An underated game and was my second favourite game of last year after New Vegas.

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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Thicketford on Metro 2034: With More Support: I absolutely loved Metro 2033. An underated game and was my second favourite game of last year after New Vegas....

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