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Minecraft Monday ~ The Valentine's Day Edition <3


What's that you see to the right? Why, that's this week's featured Minecrafter and his boyfriend rendered Mount Rushmore-style in classic Minecraft style. Since this is a family site, I've hidden the naughty bits for you, but if you absolutely must see a celebration of heavily-pixelated same-sex Minecraft love on this, Valentine's Day, then do go ahead and take the jump.

lovers.jpgAll joking aside, this week's featured Minecrafter, Akerfeldt, ran in to a problem most fans of the game have experienced: How to express yourself visually within the parameters of the game. For some it's limiting, while for others it's like haiku - the fun is in the challenge. "[It's] a statue of me and the bf holding hands." Akerfeldt wrote. "I was trying to find a way to give the statues a gender...otherwise they just looked like two Darwinians side by side." What experienced Minecrafters may note right away is that this cute (and a bit funny - in the right ways, of course) statue is not made of cobblestone. Akerfeldt is pretty handy with his materials, and when he ran out of plain rock, he fired the rest out of cobblestone. That's love.
The statues mark cave where Akerfeldt holes up at night, but when asked if his boyfriend shares the space with him, he said no. "Making a cave for "us" was just a bit of escapist fantasy on my part because I'm currently dreading getting a mortgage and don't understand why we can't, for example, just live in a cave along the escarpment instead... or in a van down by the river." I understand that feeling. Mortgages suck.
Akerfeldt also took on a project that may be near and dear to many of our readers' hearts: Fruit Brute's GayGamer Castle (right). I was particularly taken by the gigantic rainbow flag as, frankly, this whole "ink" stuff still mystifies me.
Akerfeldt writes of his project: "Now the flag was quite a bit of fun. I love concepts that are small in scale and still look neat because I don't have a whole lot of free time. I needed to erect a huge object of some kind so I could find my castle because it's really far away from my spawn point." [I think most Minecrafters can resonate with the need for some kind of signage in the game. There's nothing worse than realizing you've lost your way, just as the sun goes down.] "So I built this giant wooden pole (btw, I've only just realised now that my Minecraft creations seem to be sharing a theme here...) in the centre of my castle. I figured a flag would look brilliant on it so I went with the rainbow flag since it's so simple, I had all the colours, and it would stand out from the background so I would easily be able to see it. It's made from 6x10 blocks of wool, and you can get all the dyes you need from red and yellow flowers, and lapis lazuli. The best thing to do is dye a sheep the colour you want, and then punch the sheep. You'll get 1-3 wools of the desired colour. Dying the wool on the workbench only gives you 1 wool back which is brutal when lapis lazuli is so rare."
Perhaps the greatest thing about writing this weekly feature is learning so much from our contributors.

Speaking of cool concepts in a manageable size, we'll finish our tour of Akerfeldt's world with something that really caught my eye: An igloo. I don't know if it's seeing a real-life object rendered in the game, if it's because snow is such an (unfortunately) major theme in my life right now, or if it's just cool to see a Minecraft building made of something other than wood and cobblestone, but I think this igloo is really cool. Everything Akerfledt makes has a bit of ingenuity to it, and I think his creations reflect the humour of their builder. In corresponding with Akerfeldt, I often found myself laughing. In fact, there's a Minecraft image I've been waiting for an excuse to use, and Akerfeldt has given me the chance. I found it on Google, he found it on 4Chan, but there's a comic that's been circulating on the web that sums up nicely one of the greatest frustrations with playing the game. He suggested I put it up on Minecraft Monday, so I've embedded it below. Enjoy. I'm not sure who originally created it, so if you know please post a comment or email me.

As always, Minecraft Monday is a collaboration between us and our readers. We feature both Minecraft news and reader-generated content, so if you're interested in being featured in a future edition, please email me. Also, if there are great videos, links or images that you'd like us to feature, send them my way. Please do keep images to a reasonable size, though. And, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to let us know below.

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