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Minecraft Porting To Your Portable Phone Platform

iphonecraft.jpgWhat's the workbench recipe for an iPhone, I wonder?

Even if you can't find a way to mine silicon yet, Mojang has your back. While there have been numerous ways to get everyone's favorite blocky survivalist simulator working on jailbroken devices, the small (but growing) team behind Minecraft have officially announced ports of the game due out later this year, for iOS & Android devices.

So what can you expect from your handheld, destructible world? As many features as will fit, but not all of them. Studio founder and head developer Markus Persson--or "Notch" if you're from the internet--has said in an interview that they're looking at including only those updates which "make sense" for the touchscreen-based version of the game. A bit enigmatic, but there you go.

With the advent of portable Minecraft, I think we can all expect a sharp, sudden decline in productivity everywhere as businessmen and homebodies alike stop what they're doing to fight off creepers and tend their mushroom gardens. But this also means that those couples who build and thrive together - such as featured in our recent Minecraft Monday feature - will only be a back pocket away from their mutual world at any given time!

With that announcement out of the way, it might just be a matter of waiting to see if developer Mojang has any plans for a 3DS port anytime soon...

And girls who like girls who like rumble packs!

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